About us

"In the short time I had budgeted for, Steve managed the project calmly and efficiently, communicating well with me and his crew and making the shoot very enjoyable. He very professionally advised me on necessary permissions, copyrights etc., well in advance of what was necessary. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the whole process and look forward to the next time."
Andrew 'Skatz' Scattergood
Musician & performer
"Steve has a wonderful cinematic vision, is thoroughly professional and is a great pleasure to work with."
Chris Cousin
Bathysphere Recordings
Large Scale is an award winning production company located at the heart of Leicester's Cultural Quarter in Phoenix Square.

What we offer

At Large Scale we provide the complete production package. We will work with you from initial ideas, through production, to distribution for the large screen, small screen and the web. We provide individually tailored productions aimed at your target audience, with flair, originality and humour. We are the friendly face of technology.

Our process

Each film or moving image project we undertake is unique. We realise that you have specific aspirations for the project you wish to commission, so we spend time at the start of the project with you to discuss your requirements. We then create an individual production plan to realise your ambitions. We value your opinions and observations, so we solicit your opinion at strategic moments during the project. For example, completing the rough cut is always a good moment for clients to see how the project is developing. The meeting can be face to face at our studio, or we can post the video on a password protected page on our website, for you to view and make comments at your leisure.  

Our communication promise

Film and moving image projects are reliant on technology. We realise that what you are really interested in is the quality of the production and how it communicates with your audience. Our aim is to speak with you in a language you can understand. We endeavour to keep the geek speak to a minimum; in fact we pride ourselves on our ability to speak plain English and communicate effectively with you.

Our Tech!

However, we can assure you that we have invested in cutting edge technologies for film production. We use High Definition work flows as standard, ensuring the best technical specifications for your production. All our films are made in house and we provide all the equipment and resources necessary to shoot and edit your production to the highest standards.

Please contact us

We are always willing and available to discuss moving image projects, no matter what stage they are at. Whether you have a fully developed campaign or the most tentative idea, we will meet to discuss your ambitions and talk through the possibilities of your project; all for no charge! As we outlined above, we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate with organisations and individuals, whether they are expereinced film commissioners or have no experience of working with moving images. Please take us at our word, Contact Us, and make up your own mind.