Case Studies

Kibworth C of E Primary School

At Large Scale we like to develop relationships. One off projects are great, but it is only over time that the partnership understands each others needs and expertise. Large Scale have worked with teachers at Kibworth Primary School in a variety of contexts, mainly during curriculum time, though also during half terms and holidays. 

Cine Hubs

Why Kibworth Primary School? Large Scale and Kibworth met as part of the Cine Hubs project at the start of 2009. Cine Hubs is a scheme piloting ways film education can be delivered to schools. It is delivered through Em Media (East Midlands Screen Agency) and is supported by the Film Council, The British Film Institute, Skillset and EM Gifted and Talented Partnership

Developing The Relationship

Large Scale started working with Mr Beck's Y5 Class at the beginning of 2009. At that point we didn't really have any idea as to how it might all work out. The young people responded magnificently to the opportunity and we produced our first film 'Pet Pageant', which is a story about killer guinea pigs taking over the school. All the props and costumes were borrowed from home. It is very funny, with the entrance of the 'Guneapig Busters' an obvious high light. 

Next Steps

After the success of Pet Pageant, again working with Mr Beck's class we made 'Suspicious', based on the painting 'Umbrellas' by Renoir. Our creative journey took us a long way from the Impressionist masterpiece, and our film concentrated on the slightly disreputable man looking into the basket on the left hand side of the painting. 

First Screening

Pet Pageant and Suspicious were the last two films to be screened at Phoenix Arts and an account of the night can be seen here

Further Projects

Since that starting point we have made seven more films at Kibworth, three of which were during holidays and involved pupils form other schools. Bit by bit the project has spread with Farndon Fields Primary School and Meadowdale Primary School making two excellent animations, 'Crispy Duck' and 'Ninjabread Girl'. All the films were screened at Phoenix Square. To view the news item click here.

The Process

The enthusiasm and flexibility has been an enormous part of our successful process. We have been careful to make sure we are addressing curriculum objectives and these have been different in each class. A central part of the work has been about story telling and story structure, analysing films as texts and relating them to writing. For example 'Ninjabread Girl' is a retelling of a Greek Legend, even though it is set in Sweet Land!

What Next? 

Paul Stone, the Headteacher at Kibworth, has been a real driver for this projects, sourcing funds, buying equipment, involving other schools, and allowing more year groups in his school to take part in varying aspects of filmmaking. At the moment Large Scale are working to develop teachers skills, and have another couple of Y5 projects in production and some plans and applications for the future.