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Emerald Centre - Irish Heritage project
Tue, Sep 22, 2009

Large Scale have teamed up with The Emerald Centre and Phoenix Square to make a documentary about people born in Ireland, who now reside in Leicester.

The cross generation project is being filmed in conjunction with English Martyrs School and St Paul’s school, with pupils of Irish decent crewing and interviewing the older generation. 

The interviews have been shot and we are now scheduling time for the cutaways, graphics and archive footage. 

Appropriately the film will be screened on 15th March – the week of St Patrick’s Day – in Screen 1 at Phoenix Square.


  • Kay being interviewed.
  • Eamon being interviewed.
  • Filming in the Emerald Centre.
  • A break in filming.
  • The lighting set up at Sacred Heart Community Centre.
  • A shot of some of the crew.
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Kay being interviewed.