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The Quest For The Golden Football
Wed, Mar 30, 2011
This is a story about heroes and legends from decades past.  It is a story of those with the courage to keep going when the odds were against them. But most of all it is a story about football.

There are many legends that tell of fabled lands and magical objects.  Yet there are few tales that make those that hear them gasp in wonder, their eyes grow wide with amazement and their hearts race with the excitement of the daring deeds and extraordinary adventures, as related in 'The Quest For The Golden Football'.

Watch and learn of this most famous of quests, but first let us hear what the pupils of Billesdon Primary School, who made the film, thought of the tutor and the course.

My favourite activity was costume, because you would be the first person to see the actors in their costumes. 
My favourite activity was the sound, because you could hear things from many, many miles away. 
I enjoyed filming and placing the camera in the right position.
My favourite thing was doing the voice over, because I got to test out my accent. 
I liked being an actress and being in front of the camera and because it is fun.
I would like to do it again.
Steve is funny and cool. He is creative and humorous.
Steve is smart and has a very cool job.  He knows how to take charge.
I don’t think it could be improved because it was all brilliant.  

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The Quest For The Golden Football