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Two Day Film Making Course For Adults at Phoenix Square
Tue, Jan 10, 2012

To enrol: Call  0116 233 4343. (Adult Education)

Course Code: 098211LA2

£35 /day... £70 for  2 days.

For more info - or if you are having trouble enrolling -  call 0771 424 5312 or

Compelling, fun, Very useful.
I've done filmmaking before, but the way Steve described it made me think about it a lot more. 
One of the best training sessions I've ever had
The best thing for me was that it was tailored to exactly what I needed
The whole caboodle in 2 days, incredible!
An informal atmosphere, but also very focussed
Everyone's relaxed and just getting on with it, and having a great time

Film Making Boot Camp is an engaging 2 day film making workshop at Phoenix Square Digital Media Centre, with award winning film maker Steve Friendship. The Course is for beginners or anyone who would like to improve their film making skills. 

We will cover aspects of camera use, editing and will make a short film in groups. Whilst there is a general plan, the exact content depends on the course participants, their skill level, and what they want to learn. Our aim is to make this course work for you - whatever your skill level. We will discuss what you want to learn and and alter the content accordingly. 

We can talk on Large Scale's facebook page, by email ( ,on Friday 9th March or on the day of the course, so you can have your say.

Course Dates: Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th March the course will run from 10am - 4pm.You are invited on Friday 9th March at 6.30 – 8.00pm to meet the tutor and other participants for a drink at Phoenix Square Screen Lounge (Cafe).

Enrolment: Leicester Adult Education College on 0116 233 4343.

Large Scale will provide cameras and edit systems, however if you would like to learn with your own camera or laptop, please bring it along, though make sure your batteries are charged and you have an AV and power leads. 

The course is in partnership with Leicester Adult Skills And Learning Service (Adult Education for those who are a little older!) and Phoenix Square. We will be offering future courses 16/17th June 2012, which could be an opportunity to further develop your skills. 

Below is a movie featuring previous participants and what they thought of the course.
Two Day Film Making Course For Adults at Phoenix Square - Click to make an enquiry