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Young People`s Bootcamp with Hathi Productions
Thu, Jul 12, 2012

Some feedback from the young people who attended the Large Scale Film Making Boot Camp.


My favourite part of the course was learning to act for camera because it was interesting to see the difference between acting for theatre and camera

I had more fun here than at college in the whole year
I would definitely recommend this course to a friend and would say that you gain great new skills
I would say that the course has been great and it has been an awesome learning experience
The most useful thing I learned was how to hold a camera correctly and professionally
Fun. Interesting. Knowledgable. Learning experience. Really interesting. Useful information. 

On 11th and 12th July Large Scale Film hosted a 2 day course in the ETC suite at Phoenix Square for young people who enrolled on the Film Making Boot Camp.


It was a great 2 days in an enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere and the young people involved clearly had fun and learned a lot. They had all signed up in their holidays and given up valuable time to take part and learn new skills to put them ahead of their peers. Large Scale hopes to build on this and deliver more workshops in the future.




Young People`s Bootcamp with Hathi Productions - Click to make an enquiry
Jamie being followed by Kerry with a camera.