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Digital Literacy - iPad Training
Thu, Feb 7, 2013

Large Scale have teamed up with Affinity Teaching Schools Alliance to deliver technology training to teachers. Many primary schools are investing in iPads as a flexible and space saving alternative to computer suites.


Teachers learnt skills and techniques so they could shoot good quality footage, and then learnt how to edit and export a finished film; with the whole shoot and edit process being carried out on an iPad.


In addition they researched and experimented with a range of apps which could be used in the classroom to inspire and engage their pupils.


The teachers left excited and full of ideas to take back to their schools. Their plans for the future include: to make into films with their students for public screenings, to make a video diary of a residential trip, to explore characters, use in class assemblies, to stimulate drama and writing in lessons, to use ideas in literacy, to make a 5 minute film and use ideas throughout the curriculum.


Teachers will be working with their pupils to make short films, which will receive the full red carpet premiere treatment in July.


As more schools invest in technology there is a need for specialist training. Large Scale have worked in education and technology and are the perfect partners for delivering relevant and engaging workshops. Pupils are entering a digitally literate world and it pays to be a few steps ahead! If you would like any training or just a chat drop us a line on our ‘Contact Us’ page.


We have had some great feedback from the teachers and their experience of the course.

·      Informative, enjoyable, interactive, fun, very interesting, exciting, invaluable, inspirational, practical, engaging,    creative, curious, inspired.
·      The course gives practical ideas and suggestions to bring literacy to life
·      Good for practical activities and easy to use resources explained
·      An opportunity to learn how to engage children in learning in an exciting way
·      Great fun and it’s nice to know that children will have fun as a consequence.  The end project will have great purpose for the kids.
·      It was inspirational.
·      It is fun and interactive. It unleashed my inner actress
·      Very interactive and fun
·      Come and have fun whilst learning.
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