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Ferris Music Video
Tue, Apr 23, 2013
On Tuesday, April 2 Large Scale Film filmed a video recording of the song "Do you mean it?" of Ferris, a unique band that mixes classic Rock'roll, modern Indie-rock and Beatlesque harmonies.

Filming took place at the Exchange bar wich is well known by this group of Leicester, because they had recorded some videos playing live acoustic versions of their song there.

Ferris consists on four members, Scott G (Lead vocals and guitar), Robbie B (Guitar), Cam Favell (Bass guitar) and Nick Wale (Drumer).Thanks to the band willingness and humor during the filming, it was full of laughter and good atmosphere. in spite of its duration of almost eight hours ,

Now both, the band and the fans, will have to wait to enjoy the end result. Text by Sarai Labiano. Pics by Glyn Farman
  • 1. Photo by Glyn Farman.
  • 2. Photo by Glyn Farman
  • 3.Photo by Glyn Farman
  • 4.Photo by Glyn Farman
  • 5. Photo by Glyn Farman
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1. Photo by Glyn Farman.