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Wed, May 15, 2013

Feedback from Staff:
• Thanks for a great 3 days making and then premiering our own film! Children really enjoyed it and are now passing their learning on.
• It’s great fun and the kids get a lot out of it.
• The course was really interested and I would recommend it. We will definitely be making films in school.
• The children will go back to school and show the other children in year 5.
Feedback from Students:
• You should try this course it is way amazing.
• It is fun and you gain a lot of new skills.
• I would say you would learn a lot.
• It is nice to watch films with friends.
• Favourite part: planning of the movie because it is fun making things up.
• Favourite part: when we edited it because it was cool. 
• It was very fun and you make new friends.
• You learn quite a lot and it’s fun filming.
• It’s the best ever.
• It was fantastic.
• Favourite part: designing it because it was fun having ideas.
• It’s fun. Learning great skills all the time.


3 days of movie mayhem at as pupils from Countesthorpe College's Extended Schools Network learnt the art and science of filmmaking. Students and staff from Countesthorpe Community School, Leysland High School, Blaby Thistley Meadow School, Stokes C of E Primary School, Greenfield Primary School, Kilby St Mary's C of E Primary School and Arnesby Pimary School unleashed their inner director to create four amazing films. 

The students learnt to use and iPads to shoot and edit movie footage. They spent a day learning about story structure and then devising their own story. On the final day they crewed and acted in their mini masterpieces, editing them in the afternoon, just in time for the premiere, where parents, teachers and headteachers were invited to attend. 

We had  3 really enjoyable days and the students got a buzz out of filming. Students sourced all the props, costumes and makeup for their ghoulish characters - see the photos to the right! We have had some really positive feedback from pupils and teachers and look forward to running further training days. 

The students will now go back to their primary schools to be digital leaders by teaching classmates how to make films.

Thanks to all the students who took part and thanks to the supportive teachers who contributed to this successful project.

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