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Lutterworth High 3 day course
Thu, May 23, 2013
Feedback comments:
·      You got to do different crew jobs if you weren’t acting. It was very exciting to watch as well.
·      Large Scale film courses are great
·      It’s really fun because it brings out the creative and fun side
·      You should do it. It’s epic.
·      It is a once in a lifetime experience and it is amazing and you try new things
·      It was fun and very hands on
·      It’s an amazing course

Favourite part
·      Scripting because we could all put our cool ideas together
·      Where we came up with ideas because I could be really creative
·      Making the movie because I got to use professional equipment
·      I learnt that film making is a team effort

About the course leaders
·      They were really helpful and funny and good with filming
·      He was quite funny and worked at a good pace and didn’t rush us
·      They were really supportive and helpful and helped us to get things right
·      He was funny and listened to our ideas and took them into account
·      Steve is very friendly and I have worked with him before and I would work with him again
·      They are amazing


 Large Scale visited Lutterworth High School to deliver a three day film making course as part of their activities week.


On the first day the students practiced basic camera skills such as framing and shot sizes. They learned about story structure and came up with ideas for a script. It was great to hear their imaginations being let loose. They then decided on their various roles as crew and in the casting of characters.


On the second day students shot their film “Attack of the Killer Moustaches”. They supplied props, costumes and of course plenty of moustaches. They worked really well together in their various roles: actors, director, sound, clapper, notes, photographer. The tapes were then taken back to Large Scale HQ for editing.


On the final day the students brought their creative ideas to use in scenarios they had written to perform in front of the green screen. We then inserted their chosen background pictures and special FX.


Students went to see Harry Potter World at Warner Bros. Studios and when they returned on Friday they were shown their film. 

We had a fantastic time! Thanks to Miss Evans for organising the course and thanks to all the enthusiasm and creativity from the pupils of Lutterworth High School. 



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