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Hastings School Burbage
Tue, Jun 25, 2013

On Monday Large Scale visited Hastings High School in Burbage to kickstart their activities week film making program. Students learned about camera safety, shot sizes, taking moving shots and they analyzed shots from film and TV. In the afternoon they recreated a scene from a film….and for the rest of this week they will be busy making their own films.


Here is some feedback from the students: -

·      It was fun
·      The tutor was very good and very nice
·      I think he explained everything well
·      Handouts helped when filming different shots
·      He was really funny
·      Practical
·      It’s great
·      I think the tutor was friendly and helpful, he also gave good advice and criticism
·      I have learned a loti think he made the workshop better by using examples from film a tv
·      It is a good way to learn about filming
·      He explained things in detail and ensured we all knew what to do. He took time to fully explain the tasks to be sure of our understanding.
·      Challenging, explained tasks, wanted perfection
·      Explained things in depth with a visual aid
·      He was funny and informative
·      Explains things thoroughly
·      Taught us well
·      He was nice and helpful and gave us information that will be useful for the rest of the week.
·      He was full of info on filming
·      I think he’s smart
·      He was nice and a great tutor
·      I think he is a good artist
·      He was nice and he helped me
·      Made us work hard. Explained things well using good diagrams.


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