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Large Scale goes aerial!
Wed, Sep 24, 2014

Aerial Cinematography - Leicester from Large Scale Film on Vimeo.

Ever wondered how the world looks from 400ft in the air?


Large Scale, an award winning film production company, based at Phoenix in Leicester, have the equipment, qualifications and Civil Aviation Authority authorisations to shoot video from the air. A new dimension in filmmaking is now within your reach so you can promote your business with stunning aerial views and fly through shots.


An aerial promotional video will show your business at its most magnificent and eye catching best. Your venue, space, event, course, building, grounds, gardens, situation or surroundingcan be presented in its most eloquent aspect, really demonstrating the quality and uniqueness of what you are promoting.   


Large Scale’s aerial cinematography is backed up by their exemplary story telling skills and technical post-production know how, ensuring that your business is promoted with a premium product.


Large Scale’s BNUC qualified and Civil Aviation Authority authorised pilots are fully trained and insured to undertake commercial unmanned flight. They have taken the endorsed route, ensuring the very highest standards of safety and peace of mind, to offer a legal and premium service to their customers.



Steve Friendship of Large Scale says


“There is a lot of potential, and a huge variety of applications starting with venues of all kinds and events. I think we can really add some value and class to your marketing and promotion. Flying adds another dimension to capturing video, you have the freedom to roam from ground level to 400ft which allows for the capture of unusual and unexpected shots. We really can offer something very different to customers, the elegance of flight, without the costs traditionally associated with hiring a helicopter.



John Shelton – Chief Pilot


The training has been thorough and demanding, but the reward is knowing that we are compliant with all legislation and aviation guidelines, meaning we can offer our customers a safe and legal service.




Large Scale have compiled a short showreel showing some of the possibilities of aerial cinematography – and we would like to thank the venues that gave us permission to shoot.


Our first commercial project was for Scalford Hall Hotel, in Melton Mowbray, a popular venue for events, weddings and training. Since then they have had a flurry of interest from a number of businesses and venues, and have had a busy month meeting owners who are interested in an aerial video.


  • Chief Pilot and the Quadcopter
  • Scalford Hall Hotel from the air
  • Civil Aviation Authority permission to fly
  • Watermaead Country Park
  • Chief Pilot and Quadcopter
  • Watermead Country Park from the air
  • Flying
  • Watermead Country Park from the air
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Chief Pilot and the Quadcopter