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Kibworth Summer Video Course
Thu, Aug 19, 2010

Successful summer training course at Kibworth Primary School.

Large Scale ran a lively and informative course with ten 9-11 year old pupils from Kibworth School & Farndon Fields School. The course was primarily about having some fun - it is the summer holidays after all! - though the young people did learn some key filmmaking and media skills.

The course ran for 5 days and covered some basic filmmaking skills, though for the most part we devised, wrote, shot and edited a film called 'Homework". Being off curriculum meant we had a great time, with the young people having more freedom to play with cameras and editing programmes. They made a short film about their experience which should be available below.

Key Skills covered: Camera safety and operation, setting up shots, framing, composition, developing ideas, shoot preparation, shoot procedure, shooting drama, working with actors and video editing on iMovie. 

Most of the young people participating had worked with Large Scale as part of the Cine Hubs scheme, so most of our work was about extending and reinforcing their skills. 

Big thanks to Becca Carson and Adam Lapidge who gave up their time to help out... and hopefully they learnt some new skills as well. Becca took a good many of the photos attached to this article. I can't remember who took which photos, so all credits got to Becca.  And big thanks to Becca's mum for the bottle of vino - you can tell it is is hard for students to get work! Cheers. 

Home work is receiving a few final touches and effects at the Large Scale office and will be finished before the beginning autumn term 2010. 

  • Planning the shoot
  • Young people had the freedom to use cameras away from the main film.
  • Lining up for the Green Screen shots.
  • Viewing the shot footage.
  • Self portrait!
  • The joys of editing 1.
  • Edit central!
  • The joys of editing 2.
  • Group shot of most of the young people involved.
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