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Leicester Documentary Club
Wed, Dec 8, 2010
Having missed Exit Through The Gift Shop when it was on general release, I decided to see a one off screening at Phoenix Square last night. I thought it was a general showing, but the film was introduced by Nick Hamer of Intrepid media and is about the sixth screening by Leicester Documentary Club at Phoenix Square. The group screens a documentary film on the first Tuesday of each month with an even number, discusses the film in the cinema and then retires to the cafe bar for drinks and chat. The group are on facebook so look them up. 

The film was entertaining & witty, though whether is truly a documentary remains to be seen... big up to Nick, Paul, Ron, Kieran, Louise and all the other people who attended. The Documentary group are programming their own strand of films at Phoenix Square, screening both current docs and docs from the archive. I really like this idea of the audience having a strong input into what is screened at their cinema. It changes the balance of power between watching what you are given and with a group, making some decisions about what you want to see on the big screen. You can't do this at the the Odeon or the Showcase. Phoenix Square is your cinema! Take control and join the group! 

the next film to be screened will be at the beginning of February and will screen a pioneer of filmmaking and documentary filmmaking Dziga Vertov's Man With A Movie Camera. Hope to see you there!

Nick's new documentary about Leicester Market, shot on Canon 5DMKll can be found here. Have to say its looking good Nick!

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