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Vertigo Voted Best Movie Ever & Vertigo Locations
Wed, Aug 8, 2012

This month, for the first time, Alfred Hitchcock's enigmatic Vertigo has been voted by the BFI as the Greatest Film Of All Time


A few years back I went to the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA, to support my film Free Range. I met a filmmaker called James Nguyan, he is a self-confessed Hitchcock nut, and he generously offered to take a day out of his schedule to take me on a tour of as many external Vertigo locations as we could possibly visit in one day. We had an inauspicious start with a flat tire near the 49ers Stadium, but made up time and got to a fair few locations, reaching the Legion of Honor (that serves as the external for the gallery), after nightfall. It is amazing that after 50 odd years many of the locations are still recognizable today.


So to the photos - Many are of a bald me in front of various Vertigo locations. Some don't feature anyone... we obviously didn’t get our act together… and one features James with his camera. They all seem a bit random, however, if you watch the film it is really easy to identify each of the locations.


The Mission of San Juan Bautista, you will note, doesn't have a tower... and never had a tower, this was added as a matte painting when the film was shot.


James is a filmmaker in his own right and made Birdemic featuring Tippi Hedren. Although the film gained distribution in the UK, I hope James won’t mind me mentioning, it has the reputation of one of the worst films ever made, in fact so bad it has a certain watchability, 'he has created a film so notoriously bad that everyone wants to see it'  says InaneSwine on Imdb. 'Better ?love story than Twilight' says truezenwarrior15 on Youtube


The film commonly gets 1 star or 10 stars on Imdb. What is more Birdemic II: The Resurrection is currently in production!


Here is the Theatrical Trailer. Enjoy!

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