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Car Park Development At Phoenix
Thu, Sep 6, 2012
First signage and now a Car Park! For the last couple of months the undeveloped wasteland next to Phoenix (note Phoenix have dropped the 'Square', there is nothing square about the Phoenix hipsters daddy-o, oh no! not now!) has slowly be transformed into a car park. The images are from Nichols St (Paralell to St George's Way) giving you a sense or grandeur that only open spaces can provide, and showing it relationship to Phoenix. 

It looks like it will be open fairly soon, and am reliably informed that it will be free after 18.00, so you can park up and watch a movie. I guess they could almost make it a drive in, put up a big screen at the Phoenix end, hot dog concession...

Oh how we are spoiling you, first images of signage and now a Car Park... I do have a photo of some bunting, but will only post it if you really can't contain yourselves. 
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