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As Promised: Some Bunting
Fri, Sep 7, 2012
Oh yes, bunting! And this is not your common or garden bunting, this is three colour, vinyl, on heavy duty durable tape, printed on each individual flag. This is M & S bunting!

The photo was taken at Flint Hall (formerly the Central Lending Library), now home to the Leicester People's Photographic Gallery, on the occasion of LASALS (Leicester Adult Skills And Learning Service [Adult Ed]) Open day. Ever wanted to learn another language, draw, work in textiles, take photos or even make films?  then sign up, pay your money and turn up. 

Large Scale is continuing to run our successful weekend film making workshops in partnership with LASALS. We have 3 new courses ready for your delictation and perusal and all you have to do to see the details is click here.. 

For those of you who were expecting more explicit and hardcore bunting action then I am sorry to disappoint. However, by clicking the link at the end of this sentence you can visit Bunt Fest: A Festival Of Bunting on Facebook, administered by my friend Atomic Uke, where you can really get to grips with all facets of bunting. There is a serious amount of bunting on this site and it should suit every taste, go on, have a look!

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