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More Phoenix Signage
Tue, Sep 11, 2012
Seeing as so many of you viewed the new Phoenix signage last week - I am not sure what that says about you and me!  - I now have an exclusive image of further signage at Phoenix. It is one of two banners... which have arrows on! What is more they also have the world 'Cinema' as well. They actually contain the legend Cinema  Art  Cafe Bar - note the spacing, this is very important (though hardly discernable in this slightly low angle image). I did misread this when I first saw the text - I was in the Cafe, and thought the Cinema Art Cafe Bar, referred to the Cafe, as the is a matrix which screens digital art, and there are often screenings in the Cafe (The Social Cinema, for example) and it is a Cafe Bar.  So thought the Cafe had been rebranded the Cinema  Art  Cafe Bar - a bit pretentious for a Cafe, but hey!  However, dear readers, Phoenix Square is now, Phoenix (pause) Cinema       Art     Cafe Bar - I am sure they wrestled of the punctuation and whether to include it - it is a conundrum living in a post literate world, punctuation is for suckers, capitalisation in non-hyphen compounds abound, eg BlockBuster, and even the word(s) film making, commonly filmmaking and occasionally film-making, with no standardisation - however, in the end, you know you are in the Phoenix because it will say (and please languish in the existential space of the pauses).    Phoenix      Cinema                     Art                    Cafe Bar.

Large Scale will running Film Making! The Next Level at  Phoenix      Cinema                     Art                    Cafe Bar. Click here for details

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