When should I contact Large Scale?

We are happy to meet up at anytime, whatever the stage of your project. We work with some clients at the proposal stage helping them to develop proposals or applications, and we work with other clients much later in the process. The sooner you contact us the sooner we can start scheduling your film. 

How much will it cost?

We would like to give you a straight answer here, but it is impossible. Each film, or set of films we make is unique and each customer has differing needs. We will, however, supply a price or quote that is itemised. After we have met up and discussed the scope of the film you want, we will send you a document that outlines what your payment covers, the cost of any extras you might require, a technical specification & delivery format for the film and a schedule. 

How long will it take? 

Again this is dependent on the scope of the film or films. We are generally very flexible and can turn round projects to tight deadlines. However, more complex projects will require more time to plan and execute. After an initial meeting we will outline a schedule, which would include a delivery date, a shooting schedule, rough and fine cut dates and any other significant milestones.  

What is the process? 

All projects start with initial meetings so we can understand what you require. After the meeting we will negotiate a price and delivery schedule. We value your input into the project so we will arrange meet throughout the project so you can view the progress and suggest any changes that you want to make. We take pride in delivering films on time and within budget. 

How much will DVD's cost?

DVD's become cheaper when you order in bulk. As a starting price for 100 duplicated DVD, with a full colour label, a box and a full colour sleeve the cost, including VAT at 17.5% is about £2.50 per unit. For more or less the price will decrease or increase. Note: this does not cover the cost of designing graphics for the label and sleeve or for authoring the DVD which would be included as a separate charge. 

Are you commissioning a film for the first time?

We realise that entering into the world of filmmaking can be a daunting business with plenty of jargon and unfamiliar procedures. We do pride ourselves in speaking plain English and communicating in a way you can understand. To help you get to grips with the process and terms we have created a page of Commissioning Guidelines and a Glossary of procedures and technical terms.  We hope you find them useful.