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"We brought Large Scale in to create a DVD from an event focused on food and health - with the remit of making it light, funny and exciting:  no mean feat. Our client was incredibly with the results and so were we.  Steve asked all the right questions right from the beginning, making it much easier to be clear about what was achievable in the time-scales and within the allocated budget.  So thanks very much Steve!"
Anna Peavitt
Leicester Comedy Festival

"Ours was a small scale production treated as if we were an elite client. The team were sensitive, friendly and thorough, turning round in a tight time frame an excellent short film using oral hitory and family archive material. Exceptionally professional."
Margot Farnham
Margot Farnham Consultancy

Video is the medium of the moment; it is the medium people pay attention to.

Video is a flexible medium and we have a flexible approach to meet your needs. We offer a range of services in the broad areas of development, pre pre-production, shooting, post-production and distribution. We will listen to your ideas, needs and requirements and create a video that will speak to your customers on a platform they can access.

Our services include

Free Initial Meetings

We are free and willing to meet at anytime to discuss any moving image project you wish to undertake. The earlier you speak to us the better. We can gauge the scope of your project and start thinking about the time scale. Hopefully we can give you some advice which will make your project manageable and realisable within the budget and time scale you have in mind. 


At the start of each project we will spend time with you discussing the specifics of your project and obtain a detailed understanding of you and your requirements. At this stage we will discuss your ambitions for the project - what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it - discover who your target audience is, how you want to reach them, what format is best  - data file, DVD, web upload or tape - and how long you want the for the finished piece to be. After this meeting we will send you a detailed note outlining the budget, timescale, and technical specifications of your project. 

Script and story development 

Even the most apparently simple film needs a story or structure. It is the structure that will keep the audience interested. We can develop a traditional script or use a number of methods to collect the content you want to convey and the best way to communicate that content to an audience. It is only when both parties are happy with the content and structure will we move on to the shoot. 

Storyboards and other time based visualisation tools

We have agreed the content, so how is the film going to look? Storyboards or concept art can help you to see how the film will come to life,  and there are plenty of options of traditional or non traditional ways of visualising the work. Both scripting and storyboards, although they take a little time, can save time and money at later stages. If we can agree content and the look at this stage there will be fewer surprises later in the process.


Large Scale can offer the complete shooting package using high definition workflows. We can provide all the equipment to shoot your film including 
cameras, camera supports, sound equipment and lighting. We can also source specialist equipment if your production requires it. We can source and contract locations, actors, presenters, crew and technicians as necessary.  

Picture editing

Large Scale has a state of the art editing suite at our office in Phoenix Square and we can also supply mobile editing solutions if required. We can work with footage from analogue and almost all digital formats, capturing your footage taking it through any number of saved versions, from a rough cut to final cut.  We can adjust images, add effects, add titles, overlay multiple images, add credits, add logos & branding, graphics, and motion graphics. We can source copyright assigned music and sound effects so you can distribute your film legally. We have trained editors, a powerful computer and a lot of software so there is scope to be creative! We have set up a secure viewing area on this website so you can look through the film and make comments as the film progresses, alternatively you can visit our office. 

Sound Editing

Good sound really makes a difference to film production. We offer full sound recording and edit facilities. We can record sounds and music for your production, and source every sound you are likely to need. We optimise dialogue and can balance all the sound elements together in a final mix so it will sound great whether on the web, DVD or 500 seat auditorium. We can source copyright assigned (legal) music for your production or commission music specially for your film. We are in contact with some extremely talented musicians who can produce work in any genre. 

Graphics & special effects

Large Scale can create any graphics material you require for your film. We can create graphs, charts, diagrams, maps, titles, credits, captions, any text and image combination, matte backgrounds and probably anything else you can imagine!

Motion Graphics

As the title suggests these are the graphics that move! They can add a real zip to your production and at Large Scale we have the software and expertise to design and deliver anything you require. 

Mastering to any Tape or data format

Large Scale have the capabilities to master your project to most popular tape, data or DVD formats. 

DVD Authoring

Large Scale can design and create striking DVD's creating graphics, chapters, movies, slideshows and text, linked by logical menus and intuitive buttons.

DVD Graphics and packaging

Large Scale can design, create and print eye catching graphics for your DVD labels and slip covers for DVD boxes. The design can mirror the graphics on your DVD menu. 

DVD duplication

Large Scale offer a full duplication package including duplicated discs, black DVD boxes, professionally printed disc labels and inlay (cover artwork), in any quantity you require. 

Distribution and distribution strategies.

Large Scale has experience of distributing short films in the UK, Europe and USA. We have experience of working with international distributors and can ensure your film is seen by the biggest possible audience.  We also have expertise in distributing corporate video on a variety of platforms. Contact Us if you want the world to see your film. 

Mentoring & Training

Large Scale has an excellent track record working with young people and adults delivering a wide variety of film and video training courses, production support, and participatory workshops. We can provide intensive support and expertise, leading film production and managing projects or we can work with a more hands off approach nurturing talent. We can also provide specific training for specific groups as required. Please look at our Education page for further details. 


Large Scale can offer advice and support to organisations wishing to develop their capacity to produce and work with moving images. We can work with you to develop strategies to build skills, integrate moving images into your existing work patterns, identify opportunities for moving images to improve your organisation's visibility & communication, and offer advice about equipment purchases. 
Reflecting the flexibility of the medium we have a flexible approach to the exact services we can offer in terms of development, production, post-production and distribution. We will listen to your ideas, needs and requirements to make a product that will communicate to your customers or audience on the media they use.

The work we do with our customers

Each Film we make is unique. We don’t have generic solutions, we work in partnership with our clients to create films that specifically address their needs. We pride ourselves with our ability to communicate and develop relationships over time, with clients regularly returning for repeat business. We do this by listening to the people we work with and delivering a shared vision, on time and within the allocated budget.
Large Scale have experience and expertise in providing a range of moving image solutions. Bring any idea to us and we will make it work for you. Bring us problem and we can work with you to provide solution. We are confident our process will deliver what you need.
We are always happy to discuss any project, no matter how developed or sketchy, so challenge us on our boast, give us a call and decide for yourself. Our Professional Services are: