Uses of Video

Film and video is not a single product, it is a flexible container into which you can pour the entirety of human endeavour. Think of all the different types of moving image you have ever seen at the cinema, on TV or on the web…the list of applications are endless.
Film and video can:

Communicate ideas and information to people inside or outside your organisation.

Short videos are an excellent way to communicate messages, ideas and information within your organisation. Marketing is essential tool to maintain your company's visibility.

Present fact or fiction as ends in their own right or to provoke thought and discussion.

Video can inform, entertain, be a starting point for discussion or training. 

Record events and demonstrations.

Video can be used to record events, speakers, visiting dignitaries, equipment or technique demonstrations, record changes over time,  for use in publicity or for archive.

Collecting information or research.

Video can collect opinion, testimony, be used for site visits, trade shows, images of products, record procedures, speeches & demonstrations.

Show other media and art forms.

Video can be used to record, collect or comment on objects or other media, from full scale documentary, to clips or best of tapes or just a catalogue.

Record Performances in any location.

Whether performance in the traditional sense or seminar, industry key note speech, or a record of your team. 

Record individual performance whether it be artistic or technical.

Video can be used as a tool to analyse technique and proficiency. This has applications for sports performance, task and technique mastery, musical performance, key competencies, meeting management, teaching and peer learning

Record opinion, testimony or evidence.

Video is an excellent tool for collecting and presenting evidence for any project or initiative. It can record personal or collective journeys as scrap books, video diaries, or journals. It could also be a good way of collecting testimonials to put on your website.

Promote awareness of events, people or products and can be used to demonstrate, argue and persuade.

Video is well established as a marketing tool and can be used for the hard sell, the gentle cajole or to make a point. 

Provide training, instruction, and as an aide to learning about an area of knowledge or a process.

Either as in house training or training in the wider world, learning by demonstration and doing is a powerful tool. There are many learning techniques and courses that use the moving image as a way to demonstrate. 

Be used as a tool of creativity firing the imagination

Making and doing are excellent ways of firing the imagination. Creating video requires you to engage with scripts, image and ordering and is a great way to promote thinking and creativity. Video is also an excellent starting point for a creative journey.

Be a learning experience promoting teamwork, discussion and bonding.

Making a film can be a brilliant bonding tool with team members learning together and producing a shared artefact. It can provide a starting point for discussion about performance or a particular idea or issue. 

A tool for investigating issues.

Video is a great way to explore, collect information, present information and promote discussion. 

Provide new platforms for distribution.

The methods of consuming the moving image have multiplied in the last 5 years. With the advent of Youtube, smart phones, and social networking there are many more ways to reach your target audience. You can have promos online, or on your smart phone to show individuals. There are developing opportunities for you to use the moving image to enhance your social and business networking.  

If you want to discuss the potential of some or any of these uses of video Contact Us and we can discuss strategies that will work for your business.