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Testimonial for the Tresham College Animated Explainer
Testimonial for the Triumph Promo

What our clients say

I wanted to put on record the amazing job your company has done for us on the Triumph Watford Job. Although initially cautious due to the scale of the project, I’m so glad we did it – the film looks truly spectacular! You made a complex project feel relatively easy and guided us through the whole operation with ease. I’d have no problem in recommending you to any of my contacts and look forward to showing off your masterpiece to all my clients!

Julian Swift Big City Graphics & Signs


  • A great tool for clear communication 
  • A bit more class and professionalism in your visual communication
  • User-friendly and appealing material to share


Is animation cheaper than live-action?

It depends on what your vision is and what you need to see on screen. Generally, animation takes longer to realise than live-action videos. It is quite a technical skill.

Where do I get voice-over artists from?

We can source and supply a wide range of voice over artists, subject, of course, to your approval.

Can I mix animation with live-action?

Yes, many films and promotional videos use a wide range of animation and compositing to create unique footage and at Large Scale Film, we have the tools to combine material from a number of sources.

What can you animate?

Anything you can think of, video introductions, text, graphics, graphs, statistics and characters for example.

Animations are great ways to explain concepts and ideas, hence the rise of the “explainer video”.

Light, always in motion, and presenting clear nuggets of information, appealing to all three learning styles, it is clear why this form of communication is ubiquitous.

A well-written and produced animation can get to the heart of the matter in under a minute of screen time. 

Animation and motion graphics can be used in more than just explainers, giving authority to you and your company on screen. From simple names and job descriptions animating on and off the screen, to a variety of informative or emotive graphics emphasising credibility and reliability. Animation can really add class to your communications.

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