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Testimonial for Meeting The Presser

What our clients say

Your production along with other marketing tools has led to increased conversions on our website resulting in £8,000 of new sales for our business. I have no hesitation in recommending yourself to other professionals and companies who are looking to utilise video marketing and improve their conversions through their website and social media. 

Josh Rylatt Director of Transformation Fit


  • Visual material for display or exhibition
  • Material collection for research, evidence, or to show funders
  • Record of new strategies or procedures
  • Building brand
  • Material to share on a variety of platforms


How much will the video cost?

This depends on the film’s length, the number of locations and the production values you aspire to. However, once we have met you and understood what you wish to achieve, we can give you an accurate quotation for the work. We also have a list of basic packages that can help you.

I want a video, but I don’t know what?

You are not alone. We work with many customers who only have a vague idea of their needs. This is fine, as we can work with you to find out what you need, think up some ideas to choose from and turn this into a script that can be filmed.

I have strong ideas about the video I want to make; how do I incorporate them into the script?

Fantastic – If you have a strong brand, need a video for a specific purpose and have ideas concerning the content, then this is a great start. We can work with you to make those ideas filmable and help you achieve your goal.

Do I need to have a script before I approach Large Scale Film?

No, we can help shape your ideas into a coherent narrative. We also have skilled scriptwriters who can craft a script if this is required. We have several scripting options depending on your project and what is most appropriate to that project.

Can I create multiple edits from my footage?

Once you have some footage, it can be put to many different uses. Different cuts for different platforms or sections from a larger project cut down for Social Media. We sometimes use customer footage, usually on mobiles, and re-edit it or use it in other projects. As the footage is all digital, it can be repurposed any number of times; the only cost would be for the edit time. We regularly add English and foreign language subtitles, create social media edits, have longer and shorter edits of the same project, and export versions in differing formats.

What can you deliver?

We can deliver almost anything you can think of regarding video, animation, drone footage and motion graphics. The requests we have for moving image material are hugely diverse. Each company or project has a specific set of requirements, and we regularly learn about new platforms and formats and are always happy to take on the challenge.

How are the films delivered?

We can send you the master files through file delivery software or on a solid drive. We keep backups of your files indefinitely. We can deliver in various video formats, screen resolutions and aspect ratios, depending on how you distribute your media.

What is the timescale for delivery of my video?

We react quickly to new commissions and, depending on the process, produce a film in 6 weeks. This general rule of thumb will depend on the project’s complexity. Some of the speed of delivery is in your hands as a commissioner in signing off scripts, providing access to the contacts you require filming, making arrangements with venues and signing off final cuts. Some projects may be seasonal and weather-dependent, particularly when using drones.

Can you supply copyright-free music?

Yes, we have access to many sources for high-quality music and sound effects in a vast range of musical genres. We can purchase the rights to put this music on your film. You should be aware that there are some contractual stipulations concerning the use of the music once the rights have been purchased. Generally, the music is not yours to own and use in any way you see fit but is licenced for use on a particular production. We can speak about this in more detail when we purchase the rights.

Our profound understanding of brand development further elevates our team’s passion and expertise in promotion and marketing. Through documentaries, we can effectively address complex issues and present compelling case studies that resonate with our audience.

The different sub-genres of documentaries offer a rich and varied range of options. Depending on the intended purpose, they can be episodic, explanatory, testimonial, visual, or stand-alone projects.

If you’re planning to give a presentation or hold an exhibition where you need to showcase a process or customer engagement level, this might be your solution.

We have produced documentaries that can be presented to funders and managers, illustrating a new initiative’s progress and positive impact.

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