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Turning any event into a bite-size film, or films, to share.

What our clients say

Your production along with other marketing tools has led to increased conversions on our website resulting in £8,000 of new sales for our business. I have no hesitation in recommending yourself to other professionals and companies who are looking to utilise video marketing and improve their conversions through their website and social media. 

Josh Rylatt Director of Transformation Fit


  • Evidence for funders
  • Material to share
  • Reminders for participants
  • Notes for those that missed it
  • Ammunition for social media


How do I know what I am getting?

We will work with you and outline exactly what we are doing and what is deliverable. You can decide the focus or approach and we will work to your brief.

Will you record the whole event?

The focus of this package is about collecting material to share so whilst we will be at the event, our aim is to create a ‘best bits’ video rather than record the details of every single speech and presentation. We are happy to do this of course, but we will enter a completely different pricing arrangement.

What if I want to record the entire event?

We can do this, though we will require a larger crew for complete coverage – give us a call and let us know what you require.

Do I need permission to film people at an event?

Yes you will need permission from key speakers (and it is only polite to ask them anyway). You will need implied consent from those attending, and we will collect specific permissions from those we interview or feature during the course of the event.

We get to the heart of your event and present a highlight reel so you can remind your customers what a great job you do.

We create amazing content, which can contain key moments, speeches and testimonials.

Alternatively, we can capture and edit event videos that are purely visual – we work with your brand, delivering video that is right for you.

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