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Drone Video

We love flying drones creating dramatic bespoke material for promotion and marketing. Drone shots can add to the production values of your film so you can impress potential customers.

We have a legal and experienced drone team with the flying skills and technological back up to create stunning visuals.

What our clients say

Your production along with other marketing tools has led to increased conversions on our website resulting in £8,000 of new sales for our business. I have no hesitation in recommending yourself to other professionals and companies who are looking to utilise video marketing and improve their conversions through their website and social media. 

Josh Rylatt Director of Transformation Fit


  • Add some attention-grabbing shots to any production
  • Show what you have in its best aspect
  • See the familiar from an unfamiliar angle
  • Access the inaccessible.


Are you authorised to fly commercially?

Yes, we are fully authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority to fly drones commercially. We have full public liability insurance to cover the operation of drones. We are bound by CAA regulations relating to the commercial use of drones.

Can you provide paperwork to show you are legal to fly?

Yes, we realise that H&S regulations for owners and operators require that we submit our permission to fly and insurance in advance of arriving on site. In addition, we will contact the police and the nearest aerodrome or airport, if relevant, to inform them of our operations, to ensure uninterrupted filming when on location.

Can you provide a risk assessment?

Yes, we undertake a risk assessment for all our operations specific to location and geography. We are happy to share this information with you.

How do you get the best aerial shots?

Routinely we work with a two-person crew, one pilot and one spotter and camera operator. We find this is a more versatile set-up, and safer, than a lone pilot. It ensures we capture top-quality images, with more hands-on the important controls.
We routinely do a lot of pre-planning before arriving on-site, planning shots, checking for hazards, arranging permissions, checking the weather and wind speed, and planning for the sun’s position and elevation.

We can access the inaccessible for dramatic cinematography or for the more prosaic survey and maintenance.

We capture brilliant drone footage for inclusion in any category of film as well as creating films just using drone footage.

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