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Testimonial Video

Testimonial for the HCPT Easter Video

What our clients say

You are professional, talented and creative. You took time to listen to what I wanted before setting about designing, directing and filming. I was very nervous and you put me and my three clients at ease in front of the camera and created a video that does exactly what I wanted. I cannot thank you enough and wholeheartedly recommend your services.

Linda Neville Lead Clinical Hypnotherapist, SanaMente Hypnotherapy

On the day of filming the venue was being used, but you were very professional and ensured that you did not interfere with the event or cause any inconvenience. You put the staff at ease that were being filmed and ensured you captured the venue in its entirety. Your attention to details and patience throughout the shoot means I would have no hesitation in recommending your service.

Sarah Cornford-Hill Ele Print


  • Your fan club speaks
  • Independent endorsement of your skills and services
  • Material for use across several platforms


How much will it cost for each testimonial?

The most cost-effective way to do this is as a batch. We are happy to film an individual testimonial; however, the price per item will be significantly lower if we film several testimonials simultaneously.

What if some customers need more confidence on camera?

We are very good at putting people at ease when they are being filmed. It can be a scary environment, with lights on and a camera pointing at you. Even the most experienced speakers feel nervous. We have a great process to reassure people, make them feel comfortable and give their best.

Do you provide makeup?

We can. We did have a more straightforward answer to this question, but since Covid-19, it has become more complicated. We are happy to supply single-use items such as powder paper, but we no longer use items used by more than one person. We have several options and can bring in make-up artists if required. If make-up is one of your essential requirements, call us, and we can discuss the options.

Where can we film this?

Assuming it is appropriate, we prefer to film at your place of work. It makes the film-specific and links the location directly to your company. We can also film in a studio if this is more convenient or works better with your brand.

Your most loyal customers are the best ambassadors for your business. They are the ones who truly understand and appreciate your products or services. Utilising their testimonials can effectively promote your brand on your website and social media platforms. With their words, you can showcase the value and quality of your offer and attract more customers to your business.

What better way to see your best customers than on video, singing your praises with beautiful lighting, crisp sound and professional presentation?

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